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Trying to sell your home? 

The whole point of home staging is to get potential buyers to see themselves living in that house, cottage or condo. Remember your home is one of the biggest investments you have; show it off the best way you can to gain that extra revenue. Whether you stage yourself or hire a professional, if potential buyers are enticed and will really appreciate the dwelling at its fair value, they will be willing to pay your asking price. 

Few key notes to remember: 

  • De-clutter your home as potential buyers want as much space possible
  • Clean and Fix
  • Paint your main rooms in neutral colors
  • Refresh your space to recent furniture, fixtures and accessories
  • Depersonalize your space (yes buyers do not want to see all your memories)
  • Get as much light possible in your rooms

Here is a great article explaining in detail the importance of home staging. 

Check out these awesome images of rooms using quite a few of items found on our website.

Rustic furniture homestaging

A family room of 15' x 10' with wood floor cover: take a look at the bold statement of the metal mixed with the acacia blends in perfectly with the wood floor! Love this collection. 

Rustic Furniture homestaging

Can you spot the awesome rustic pine bar back? Need to also point out the lovely barn wood wall: nice touch!

Our rustic pine white wash dressers finding their way into this fresh and clean decor.  Not only are these dressers perfect for your clothes but can also be used as a TV stand for all those lazy Sunday's in bed! 

Isn't this picture great? Great space to live in as its simple, uncluttered and inviting for a great conversation. 

Notice how the rustic pine of the hutch marries up perfectly with a suar coffee table! Its soo easy to mix and match woods when they have different tones. 

homestaging with rustic furniture

Mixing and matching a modern bed with rustic; isn't this master bedroom awesome?  Love all the light, clean  lines and neutral colors used in this space. 


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