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As the end of summer approaches and fall is in the near future we will be spending more time indoors, and this being a busy time of year we need to be as organized as possible. The first step to organization is removing the unnecessary or surplus items we all accumulate over the years. Maybe you took advantage of the lazy days of summer to do some purging and may have even started a plan to be more organized.

Having appropriate storage solutions available is essential. Start with the idea ‘what if I was moving’ and downsizing. This can really made it clear what should go and how you would store what you retained. If you go room by room it makes this a much more tolerable job and once a room is organized you'll want to keep going.

There is a myriad of stores offering many different and creative ways to organize our homes. Anyone can check the internet or walk through a mall and find all types of storage and organizational items. Become immediately became inspired by the vast selection of storage solutions on our website!

We have many different Paniers, Armoires and furniture pieces suited to all décor styles and even for small spaces. Many of us do not have the space for huge storage cabinets but by using some of the many offerings from Wicker Emporium, you can create a functional and organized home. There are colorful pieces as well as those more natural & simple.

Baskets make wonderful storage and Wicker Emporium has so many! Having lids really keep your space neat and tidy.

While browsing the website - explore some great storage benches which would be lovely in an entrance hall to offer both seating and storage. The white bench with legs offers a lighter look to keep the space feeling open as well as offering a lift up seat for storage. It is a more contemporary look while the dark wood with rattan basket storage offers a more casual look. Both are great options.

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