Advantages of buying Knock-down (KD) furniture - Rustic Furniture Outlet

Knock-down (KD) furniture can offer tremendous value to clients. Essentially you are saving hundreds of dollars on furniture you have to assemble yourself because it's cheaper to produce, ship to our warehouse and of course minimizes our inventory storage costs. We always try very hard not ship air! 

Rustic industrial coffee table 

Buying furniture that was produced in small parts and that can ship flat allows us to pass on significant savings. Take for example this lovely rustic chic coffee table which ships to you in 3 pieces in 1 conveniently packaged box. This allows us to ship our clients many items on the same shipment thus providing the client the best possible shipping rates. 

Furthermore, if you are a frequently have to move from one location to the next,  its better to have furniture which would be easy to transport. Obviously furniture which disassembles saves a lot of space and trouble. Another benefit of KD furniture is that if any piece of it breaks you can get it easily fixed as compared to fully assembled furniture.

Another point never to be disregarded is that many older homes and apartments have small doors or stairways that are too narrow for pre-assembled furniture to fit through. Furniture that you have to assemble allows ease of access and of course no damage to the paint on your walls as you move furniture in and our of your rooms. 

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